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BTS of Our Fall 22 Shoot: Addressing Age Diversity

Behind the Scenes of Our Fall Shoot

Lacson Ravello behind-the-scenes Fall 2022 photoshoot, rack of clothes

That’s a wrap on our fall shoot! It had been a while since we were in the photo studio and I am so excited to share this experience with you. When going through the design process, I knew I wanted the collection to tap into the 'Coastal Grandma' trend that's all the buzz right now and carry that into our creative direction, including the model. Frankly, I hate super trendy trends but I think Lacson Ravello has been unknowingly on the pulse with this one even before the term was coined—think clean lines, relaxed silhouettes, and timeless styles. And no, you don't have to be an actual grandma or live on the coast to appreciate this style. It's a look that even non-granny types and all ages can get on board with—comfortable, fuss-free, and put together.

Lacson Ravello behind-the-scenes Fall 2022 photoshoot, stripes, coastal grandma
Ageism in the Fashion Industry

After years of seeing models that all looked the same, we’re now witnessing a shift in the fashion industry when it comes to diversity. We’re now seeing models of different shapes, sizes, and races and it feels like a breath of fresh air. Even while it has become more mainstream to see this much diversity in models, if you dig a little deeper, you'll realize that age inclusivity is rarely addressed.

It's no secret that the fashion industry is youth-obssessed and I'm no exception. For women 40 and up, this can make them feel marginalized and gnaw at their self-confidence—hands up if you're not into Botox. Consider the positive impact on society's image of aging from a realistic and healthier age viewpoint in all media. So many amazing brands are supporting that and we’re stepping up!

Lacson Ravello behind-the-scenes Fall 2022 photoshoot, Dress, Coastal Grandma

A Shift in Age Representation

At Lacson Ravello, I’ve always made it a priority to represent a variety of women in our campaigns, especially when it came to race—white, black, Asian, and Hispanic models.  As I was turning 50 this year, I realized that I really need to get behind representing my own age bracket. Lacson Ravello caters to such a wide age range so I set out to demonstrate that. We found our model Cory and we we’re all over her—check out that stunning mane of grey!

I’m so proud of this collection and our age-positive campaign. Lacson Ravello has always been about and catered to real women, grey hair and all!

Watch our Behind-the-Scenes VIDEO:

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