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How We Use Deadstock Fabric to Promote Sustainability

At Lacson Ravello, environmental responsibility is at the top of mind as we create effortless pieces for your everyday wardrobe, and we are constantly finding unique and innovative ways to incorporate sustainability into our processes. One of the ways we do this is through the use of deadstock fabrics. Allowing us to promote responsible fashion while reducing environmental impact and waste in landfills. 

Want to learn more? Keep reading below to learn more about what deadstock fabric is and how we use it to make the stylish pieces that you can shop today.

Deadstock Fabric
What is Deadstock Fabric?

Deadstock fabric is essentially excess inventory from a fashion brand or textile mill that has gone unsold for a long period of time. These “leftovers'', are often high quality and very much usable, however they often end up just being tossed out into landfills. We see this surplus fabric as a gift that has a second chance to be transformed into a new, timeless piece for your wardrobe.

Why We Seek and Use Deadstock Fabrics
  1. High Quality Fabrics for Smaller Quantities
    Oftentimes when purchasing fabric, there are large minimum order quantities (also known as MOQs), ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 yards on average. If you are a smaller brand, purchasing this amount of new fabric may be excessive and expensive. Deadstock fabrics on the other hand, come in smaller amounts, which is perfect for those who only need a certain amount of product!
  2. Affordable Pricing
    Deadstock fabrics are often overruns of fabrics from well-known brands and textile mills that are sold at more affordable prices. Even though they are sold at a lower price, the quality is just as good as what ends up on store shelves!
How Using Deadstock Promotes Eco-Friendly Fashion & Sustainability

There has been debate in the industry of whether deadstock fabric is actually sustainable or if it’s just another form of greenwashing. While we do not believe repurposing deadstock is the perfect fix to fast fashion and excessive waste, it is an avenue that allows us to cut-back on virgin material production. Regardless, brands choosing to source deadstock fabric is a step in the right direction towards a more eco-conscious fashion industry. 

Shop with Confidence

Deadstock is just one of the many facets we use to practice sustainability at Lacson Ravello, along with using organic, recycled, and eco-friendly textiles. We are passionately driven to optimize eco-friendly fashion and it starts with our fabric choices. See for yourself and shop our effortless pieces and wardrobe must-haves here.

Shop our deadstock fabric styles!

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