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7 Reasons to Love Bamboo Fabrics

A Versatile and Renewable Resource

With every new design added to our shop, we make a concerted effort towards sustainability. We are committed to using natural, earth-friendly, and sustainable textiles and trims, which is why we choose to use soft bamboo/cotton knits for many of our designs.

When used in clothing, bamboo offers many beneficial attributes:

  1. Highly Renewable
    Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet (growing up to a meter per day). Bamboo forests are also dense and return up to 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere—making it a highly resilient and prolific plant!
  2. Water Conserving
    Recognized as being soil-friendly (needing little irrigation or treatment in cultivation), bamboo is drought-resistant and requires much less water to grow (as much as 30% less) than many other plants and trees.
  3. Bio-degradable
    Although we strive to make our products with quality and longevity in mind, nothing lasts forever especially when they’re made from natural materials. When your favorite bamboo styles are ready to retire, they will eventually biodegrade.
  4. Pesticide Free
    Bamboo is naturally pest-resistant and flourishes with little to no fertilizer or pesticide—making it an environmentally low-impact option.
  5. Temperature Regulating
    Bamboo fiber has a naturally ventilated structure which makes it breathable and cooler in the summer and noticeably warmer in the winter—versatile enough to wear throughout the year.
  6. Insanely Soft
    The smooth and round structure of the bamboo fiber gives it a softness and unparalleled comfort level. When blended with other fibers, you’ll want to wear our bamboo styles all day. 
  7. Wrinkle Resistant
    This fabric is almost impossible to wrinkle and holds it shape well, even after washing—a travel must-have!

Now you understand why we love bamboo so much. It’s one of our favorite materials to work with. When you choose Lacson Ravello, you choose timeless, versatile designs that are committed towards a sustainable future! 


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