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Thanksgiving Style Guide

Three Outfits to Gobble Up This Season

Thanksgiving: a time for gratitude, family, friends, and let's not forget—showing off your impeccable style sense. Whether you're toasting at a Friendsgiving, charming the in-laws, or playing the gracious host, I've got you covered with outfit ideas (and gifts) that are as delicious as the pumpkin pie!

Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving outfit ideas

 Lacson Ravello Virginia Blouse
Candid Art Earrings
Lindsay Robinson Hat
Cuyana Cardigan Sweater
LoQ Shoes
AYR Jeans
Ceybon AF Drink

Rule number one of Friendsgiving? Always arrive in style (preferably with a bottle of something bubbly or a gourmet treat in hand). It's the perfect occasion to keep things casual yet never basic. Picture this: our dreamy Virginia Blouse, a piece that screams 'I'm here to have fun and look fabulous doing it,' paired with the best of small-batch and locally made brands. It's a look that says, 'I put effort into this outfit, but I'm also ready to kick back and celebrate.' Cheers to that!

Thanksgiving outfit ideas Lacson Ravello Baxter Dress
Alex Mill Scarf
Checkroom Coat
Erin French Book
Dante Perozzi Necklace
Freda Salvador Boot

Meeting the in-laws can be, well, let's say 'interesting.' But here's a secret: the right outfit can speak volumes before you even say hello. Enter the Baxter Dress—a piece that whispers 'I'm fabulous' while also shouting 'I can totally bake a pie and help with the dishes.' Pair it with accessories from our favorite small-batch brands, and you've got a look that's a perfect blend of elegance and approachability. Trust me, your partner's family will be asking for your style tips (and maybe your pie recipe) in no time.

Thanksgiving outfit ideas

Lacson Ravello Cora Sweatshirt
Lacson Ravello Daniela Pants
Abacus Row Earrings
Merit Lipstick
StudioPatro Tea Towels
Sven Ceramics Dining Set
Rothy's Mules

Hosting Thanksgiving is no small feat—it's like the Olympics of dinner parties. So, let's talk real goals: looking effortlessly stylish while juggling a turkey, side dishes, and possibly a glass of wine. Our Cora Sweatshirt and Daniela Pants are the dynamic duo for this very occasion. Think of it as your stylish armor—festive, fun, and functional. Paired with some hand-picked accessories and home accents from our beloved local artisans, this outfit screams 'I'm the queen of this Thanksgiving feast,' all while ensuring you can move around freely (because we all know you'll be doing a lot of that).

The Takeaway

So there you have it, my stylish friends—your style cheat sheet for Thanksgiving. Whether you're mingling at Friendsgiving, winning over the in-laws, or reigning supreme as the hostess, remember: style is just the side dish to your fabulous personality. Now, go forth and be the style icon I know you are. Happy Thanksgiving, and may your fashion be as flavorful as your feast!

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