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Lisa Haukom: Empowering Women through Self-Portrait Photography

An interview with Florence, Oregon-based self-portrait and lifestyle photographer and educator Lisa Haukom of The Goldenbrand.

Lisa Haukom | The Golden Brand | Photographer

If there's one thing we've learned from the digital age, it's that a stunning photograph without a soul is just a snapshot. Why invest all your energy in capturing an image that falls short on telling your real story and true essence? As an editorial, lifestyle, and portrait photographer, Lisa Haukom is a master of bringing those personal moments and strong emotions to life. Her collaborative and storytelling approach is evident in every project she takes on, whether creating eye-catching content for social media or providing art direction for growing brands.

But Lisa's expertise goes beyond photography: she is also the founder of The Self Portrait Studio, an empowering, membership-based educational platform that teaches women self-portrait photography. No forced poses or fake smiles here, and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. Thanks to technology (and our smartphones), Lisa can be your photographer from anywhere in the world.

It's safe to say that Lisa has carved out a unique path for herself in the photography space.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa through a mutual friend and it was an instant connection. We bonded over our shared passion for empowering women through beautiful imagery and fashion. That's why I was so excited to sit down and chat with her, especially since she always looks amazing in our Marinière tee. Keep reading for her insider tips on style both in front of and behind the camera!


Lisa Haukom


Self-portrait and lifestyle photographer and educator



Currently residing in:

Florence, Oregon

When and where do you wear your Marinière Tee?

I travel frequently for photoshoots, and The Marinière Tee is so lightweight and versatile. I make it the focal point for several outfits in my weekend bag. It works well for a studio shoot with clients and drinks with friends after. I always receive compliments when I wear it, which is an added confidence boost!

Lisa Haukom | The Golden Brand | Photographer

"I always receive compliments when I wear it, which is an added confidence boost!"

How do you style your Marinière tee?

I love to pair it with my favorite black Vince pants, an oversized white blazer, and some cute kicks for the studio. I’ll add earrings and gold metallic heels for dinner and drinks.

For scouting locations or sightseeing, I like to layer it with a vintage Levi’s denim shirt and some distressed black jeans. The weather was unexpectedly cold on a recent trip so I slipped it under a jumpsuit and thought it looked pretty cute!

What is your favorite thing about the Marinière tee?

There are so many things that make this tee special. I love the weight and silky texture of the bamboo cotton jersey, making it so easy to layer under everything. I also appreciate the vertical side panels, it’s such a thoughtful and flattering detail.

I love an unexpected eye-pop like that in a garment making it feel more grown-up than other stripe shirts in my closet. I’m a tall lady with long arms and the sleeve length is perfect for me—always a bonus!

Are there any other LR items that you have your eye on to complement your Marinière tee?

I have my eye on the Vivian pants. They will make an excellent addition to my weekend bag. I think I’ll size up for an extra wide leg, puddle pant look! I’m also swooning over the Astrid tee with its modern neckline, side panel detail, and flattering shape.

Lisa Haukom | Photographer | The Golden Brand

What are your go-to favorite products that make your life a little easier?

  1. I’m never without Sugar Lip Balm in Berry. It’s universally flattering and a nice spot of color to perk up winter complexions.
  2. Luna oil by Sunday Riley is a huge travel skin saver. I go through bottles of it.
  3. Shooting video and content is much easier with my camera kit starter pack from Moment. It’s a must-have for any entrepreneur and mom.
  4. A wonderful book, Simple Shui by Amanda Gibby Peters, has short daily suggestions to spruce up my home studio and make the energy flow.
  5. Trying to wake early to get my four-mile walk in with the pups is another go-to on my list. Having episodes of the Second Life podcast by Hillary Kerr to look forward to, helps motivate me.
  6. I’m a huge fan of anything I can make ahead of time, and this pickled pork tacos recipe from my website is on repeat in my kitchen.
  7. My pretty FLOH copper carafe is saving me multiple trips to the microwave to warm my coffee.

Did you enjoy our interview with Lisa? Be sure to check out her website at—and if you want to steal her style, all the details on our Marinière Tee are here!

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