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I had cancer and you cured it!

It's World Cancer Survivor's Day

June fourth marks National Cancer Survivor's Day. Today, I want to open up and share a deeply personal story with all of you. It's a story that fills my heart with profound gratitude for the role each and every one of you played in my journey to overcome cancer. This is a story of resilience, hope, and the incredible power of support. Are you ready to hear about the significant impact your collective encouragement had on my cancer recovery? I'm pulling back the curtain to reveal how your support, both seen and unseen, became a lifeline during my most challenging moments.

Posing with my first collection, July 2015

The Unexpected Blow

It was August 3, 2015 and I had just officially launched and announced my clothing brand, Lacson Ravello, after being in remission from my second cancer diagnosis. I was filled with optimism about the possibilities that lay ahead. However, just hours later, my phone rang—it was my oncologist on the other end, delivering the heartbreaking news that breast cancer had returned for the third time. Instead of marking the beginning of a new chapter in my life, this day brought the bitter irony of launching my new business, only to receive devastating news shortly thereafter. The cancer’s return felt like an unimaginable punch to the gut, yet it was in these darkest moments that the seeds of strength and perseverance took root.

Pushing Forward

The weight of that diagnosis threatened to derail everything I had built up to this point. As I processed the news, I found myself at a crossroads. Should I retract my designs, pull down the website, and hit pause on everything? It seemed like a sign, a cruel indication that I should abandon my aspirations. After all, launching a small business while undergoing cancer treatment didn't exactly sound like the best road to recovery. But then, my husband, my pillar of strength, stood by my side, reminding me of the immense potential that Lacson Ravello held. The inventory was ready to be sold, the new campaign photos were ready to be posted, and the branding was ready to be heard and seen. Encouraged by his unwavering support, I mustered the courage to continue despite the uncertainties. With a renewed sense of determination, I took that leap of faith, ready to defy the odds and see where this path would lead.

My first photoshoot, July 2015

The Power of Distraction

As I faced the daunting reality of another round of cancer treatments, I found solace and purpose in working on Lacson Ravello. It provided a much-needed distraction—a glimmer of light. Instead of going public with my new diagnosis, I chose to confide in my closest family and friends, keeping it a private battle. I was reluctant and apprehensive to let my current state of health overshadow the identity of Lacson Ravello. My aspiration was for the brand to be recognized for its design, quality, and all the glossy pretty things, rather than being defined by my struggle with cancer. Slowly, but surely, I shifted my focus towards what I could control and what brought joy—sharing the new photos on social media, being the brand cheerleader, and taking tangible actions that propelled the business forward.

The Power of Support

In the midst of my health struggles, something remarkable began to unfold. It was you, my audience, who began to recognize and engage with Lacson Ravello. Each like, comment, click, and purchase became a beacon of support, helping to restore my confidence, purpose, and ultimately, my health—especially during those first few months I was operating my business out of my bed. Your constant presence became a source of strength that I could lean on. It became a symbol of resilience and unity, reminding us all that we are never alone in our battles—a powerful sentiment that resonates deep within me.

Launching my latest Spring collection, April 2023

Surviving Cancer

National Cancer Survivor's Day serves as a poignant reminder that together, we are stronger than any challenge we may face. Today, I want to celebrate you, my incredible support system, for being an integral part of my healing journey. Whether you have been with me since the beginning or have recently joined our community, your presence has made a profound impact. I am deeply grateful for your unwavering support and for lifting me up when I needed it the most. To all those who are currently battling cancer, who have fought bravely, or have been touched by this disease in any way, please know that you are not alone. Reach out for support, embrace the love that surrounds you, and let it infuse you with renewed strength.

As a token of my appreciation and to give back to the community that has supported me, I am pledging to donate 5% of this week's sales to the UCSF Breast Care Center—the medical center and team that has helped and treated me.

Together, let's make a difference in the lives of others who are on their own cancer journeys.

With heartfelt appreciation,


Shop now and let's make a difference for cancer patients!

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