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Rewriting the Rules Our Way

We’re Hitting the “Refresh” Button for 2021

Dear friends,

I started Lacson Ravello almost 6 years ago so I could have the freedom to create a thoughtful and casual aesthetic, to connect with amazing women through fashion, and to build a business that was born out of passion and authenticity. The past year gave me time to reflect on some of our traditional apparel industry practices and ask myself if it was really supporting my customers and long-term goals.

As you know, Lacson Ravello is a small, independent brand and though I have a team working hard alongside me, I’m incredibly proud of how much we have grown and the dynamic community we have built. We will continue to stay the course (my mantra) and navigate an ever-changing landscape but I had to pause and share this:

2020 has taught me to slow down and listen—to others and my heart. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and dive deep. What are some things that I need to hold onto? What can I let go of? And most importantly, what can I do differently?

With that, I have decided to focus on Lacson Ravello in a new way for 2021.

In doing things on our own terms, there’s incredible satisfaction and fulfillment . . . Doing things our way puts YOUR best interests first.

Focus our efforts on selling directly to YOU.

We are committed to building our community and relationships—with manufacturing partners, initiatives we believe in, and above all, with YOU, our customers. Although a shift to selling direct means that you may no longer see Lacson Ravello in stores, it also allows us to streamline processes, cut out the middleman and, in many cases, lower our prices! Without the additional mark-ups and timelines in a wholesale business model, YOU get to enjoy the benefits of this more cost-effective and efficient approach! How’s that for a perk?

Rewriting the rules our way.

In doing things on our own terms, there’s incredible satisfaction and fulfillment. We’ve already started applying some of these new developments—from capsule collections rooted in the spirit of choose well/buy less to involving you more in the process (think pre-orders) so we make only the pieces you want to buy. Doing things our way puts YOUR best interests first.

Adding more sizes (XL/16-18) to our line-ups.

Did you know that we now carry x-large in our new styles? This shift to being more size inclusive is a major investment for a small company, but one that we’re committed to! Regardless of whether it’s a smaller or larger size, the additional options require a pivot in our manufacturing and logistics. We’re so excited that our loungewear collection features the expanded sizing (XL/16-18), and looking forward to adding this range to future designs as well.

Go seasonless with our styles.

There will be fewer season-specific designs because we are shopping differently these days. We often find and buy clothes that we love and wear these items throughout the year, styled and layered in various outfits. Lacson Ravello will be timeless, versatile, and designed for longevity. We will be truly sustainable, in more ways than one.

And that leads me right into my next focus:

Use 100% sustainable materials.

While we already use sustainable fabrics, we can do more in making a conscious effort. We are committed to using natural, earth-friendly, and sustainable textiles and trims. With every new design, we’ll be making a concerted effort towards sustainability!

The New Rules for 2021:

√ Sell directly to YOU
√ Involve YOU in the process
√ Offer inclusive sizing
√ Design seasonless collections
√ Use 100% sustainable materials

And friends, my biggest goal of all is that Lacson Ravello is the core of your wardrobe—pieces that you often reach for like best friends. I want these designs to be your go-to “uniform” that you wear in your own special way.

To make this happen, I also have to let go of a few things. For the next month, I’ll be clearing out inventory from previous collections and beyond that, I’m learning to delegate wherever possible so I can work ON my business, rather than IN my business.

I’m so grateful for this moment — for the space to pause and reflect and be present… to realize what it is that I truly want for this growing brand. Thank you so much for your support and friendship through the years… we’ve been on quite a journey together. I’m so excited for what’s next!

With appreciation,

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