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LR Community Series: Meet Lisa Anderson Shaffer

Featuring psychotherapist, author, fine artist, and jewelry designer Lisa Anderson Shaffer
Next up in our community series, meet Lisa Anderson Shaffer…..fine artist, author, jewelry designer, psychotherapist, brand product consultant, mother, wife…..the list is long! Lisa wears a lot of hats (and as you can see from the photos, also looks GREAT in hats!) and her latest venture is her podcast Joy is Now, a weekly discussion of psychological theories that help us all be better to ourselves and each other. She also creates the most fabulous statement jewelry pieces, all sustainably handcrafted in California, under her label Zelma Rose.

We were thrilled to catch up with Lisa and see how she’s wearing her new LR dress, the Analu!

Lisa Anderson Shaffer


Psychotherapist, Author, Fine Artist, Jewelry Designer



Currently residing in:

Marin County, CA

"Style, fit and comfort. This fabric is incredible."

How do you wear and style the Analu?

I wear the Analu dress in a number of ways. I love it as a light robe in the morning or as a cozy cover-up after yoga. It’s the perfect dress for virtual meetings with clients and recording my podcast. It’s comfortable on the longest days, looks professional and stays fitted and wrinkle free all day long. It has the perfect cut for under a blazer and looks chic under a belt and poncho. To get a perfect fit I pull the belt to the front first then wrap it around the back twice.

Where do you wear the Analu?

The Analu Dress is a WFH staple but I also wear it out to walk the dog and to tend to my garden during my lunch break. It’s the one dress I can wear all day.

Favorite thing about the LR pieces?

Style, fit and comfort. This fabric is incredible.

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