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Giving you a NEW inside look

The New Way

Happy September, friends.

It’s a new month, a new season. You can feel a shift happening in the world right now and I have been leaning more into the daydreaming part of my head. Sitting with the idea of change and a new way forward and what that means for my brand. After much reflection, I have decided to refresh the look and feel of our Instagram feed and my emails to you. I want to pivot to sharing more of what inspires me..things I see, books I read, articles that catch my eye, what informs my designs. More behind the scenes of my process designing the pieces in the collection and the “why” behind each piece.

So you’ll start seeing a change in the way things look and feel around here, and I hope it resonates with you and inspires you to look at things in a new way, too. As always, I love hearing from you so don’t be shy—-tell me what you are loving right now and what is bringing you a renewed outlook!

Here’s to new ways forward.

P.S. Enjoy these inspirational images that caught my eye—they’re a glimpse into things to come!

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