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Starting a New Year, Starting a New Business

With the start of any new year comes new dreams, aspirations, goals. One of these new goals for some of you, I’m sure, is to establish your own business. Whether it’s a small passion project, or a bigger idea, trust me when I say that I know what it’s like to have that entrepreneurial itch!

While some of you may be longtime followers of Lacson Ravello, I know some of you are fresher faces to our company. I wanted to start the year off with a bit of inspiration for any of you who find yourself at the start of a new year with a new business idea, and share a bit more about my story—what I’ve built, what I’ve effed up, and what I’ve learned along the way. Spoiler alert: I’ve learned a lot on this journey!

Growing up in the quiet suburbs of St. Louis, I always had dreams for a life in the big city and becoming a fashion designer. Dressing for me acted as my individual form of expression. Attracted by the style icons of the 60’s and 70’s (i.e. Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Hutton, and Jane Birkin) became my North Star towards my hopes of a creative style-driven life.

I ended up moving to LA to study fashion, and after two decades of working in the corporate apparel industry, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The perspective this diagnosis (and resulting treatments) brought me is in many ways a gift. It made me really question what I wanted to do with my life – how and where I wanted to be creative and get designing on my own. To make a long story short, personal well-being and creative passion have always been at the touchstone of Lacson Ravello.

For any entrepreneurs out there, I really encourage you to keep going in the face of adversity. What seems like unachievable roadblocks can often become woven in the fabric of what you create. For me, building a sense of community and connection was so important with LR. A lot of that stemmed from my newfound outlook after my cancer diagnosis. Creating connection and meeting like-minded women across the country – and world!- was vital within the brand, because it was a vital part of me.

Back in 2015, when starting LR, I did not know what the company would become (click HERE to read a previous post I’d made on starting the brand and ‘staying the course’) . Not only did it serve as a distraction for me at a time when I was battling a serious and scary illness, but It allowed me to display creative expression, all the while creating this wonderful community.

If any of this resonates with you, I wish you all the best as you continue to endeavor down your entrepreneurial path. I know what it’s like to feel at times frustrated, overwhelmed and unsure. For me, what I can safely say is: keep your purpose, passion and mission at the forefront of your decisions. I’m certain you wont regret it!

Wishing you lots of love and all the best for the upcoming year,

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