SPRING 2016: From Concept to Final Product

By February 7, 2016December 20th, 2020Behind the Scenes, Picture Diary, Process, Spring 2016

A Springtime Journey

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons. It’s a new year, a new season, a fresh new start in many ways. As winter thaws, we’re putting the final touches on the new collection so you can wear it at the first signs of warmth.

For this collection, we go to the South of France and gather inspiration from the Côte d’Azure. We’re excited to bring you the newest Lacson Ravello collection very soon. In the meantime, follow along with us as we develop it from concept to final product.

xo Kristina


Concept Board: Spring 2016 inspiration comes from coastal holidays in the South of France—nautical influences grounded in navy and white with a pop of soft pink .


Fabrics: Spring 2016 is all about print and texture mixing—dots, stripes, plaid, lace, and abstract prints.


Sketches: Designing, editing, and merchandising the line with colors and prints.


Patterns are made.


Fitting: Samples are made and fit and tried on on a fit model. We repeat this process with design and fit tweaks until we get it just right.


Final patterns are cut in actual fabric.


More patterns, more fabric, more cutting.


Sewing on the production line.


The finished product—concept, designs, and patterns come to life!