Shop the Vibe: Zoom Ready

By January 27, 2021September 30th, 2021Covid-19, How to wear, New Collection, Work From Home

Work-from-home Style and Comfort

If you’re working from home, here’s the Zoom Ready vibe that will have you looking stylish while you work — without giving up comfort! Start with our charcoal Cora Sweatshirt and Beatriz Pants as the perfect set.

Add our tiny dot scarf (made from our leftover fabric) to elevate your look from the waist up, but don’t resist sliding on plush artisan-made slippers and plugging in some headphones (made from responsibly-sourced wood) to listen to your favorite playlist. If you don’t have to join the meeting for a while, grab your laptop and notebook and get cozy on the couch with a laptop stand (both made in U.S.A.). Don’t forget to wear your blue light glasses (affordable and gives back)—we don’t want you to damage your eyes whilst staring at the screen. And, if your coworkers aren’t quite the company you’re looking for, an adopted furry friend might be the right fit for you

Zoom Meeting Checklist

√  Stylish + comfortable dress code

√  Look good from the waist up

√ Take breaks!

Just as with all of our designs, we’ve thoughtfully curated and linked some of our favorite sustainable brands so you can shop the look. Which look will you be shopping? Drop us a message or better yet – show us how you styled the pieces #lacsonravello on Instagram!

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