What’s going on this November

Happy November, friends!

For me, November is a month for gratitude. And after this past year and a half,  it was hard sometimes to feel grateful, am a I right? But I invite you to join me in taking a few minutes this month to sit down with a warm cup of tea (and perhaps a pet on your lap!) and jot down some things that you feel grateful for right now. Ok, I’ll start!

Things I am grateful for:

  • John, my ever supportive husband
  • Giving hugs and seeing actual humans again
  • Seeing my customers and followers at in-person events again
  • Medical science (that has protected, healed, and saved me more than once)
  • The everlasting comfort of streaming media, ice cream, and elastic waist pants
And last but not least, you…my customers. You’ve weathered the storm with me and have believed in me. You constantly inspire me. I am forever grateful to you for supporting LR!
p.s. Enjoy this November moodboard!
p.p.s. Come see us in person this month at Renegade Craft 11/6-7.