MTHR Market

Reflections on a day full of empowered, enlightened, and inspired women

MTHR Market

Hello Friends,

This week has given me some time to reflect on my first event at MTHR Market. In a word, WOW! I felt like I experienced something beautiful and transforming among all of the attendees.

MTHR Collective was started by Danielle Kelley—born out of the need to prioritize women’s wellness where connecting and rediscovery could follow. Think of it as an online/offline hub where mothers could feel heard, network, share their dreams and vulnerabilities in a judgement free atmosphere.

The MTHR Collective retreat has taken place every year at Autocamp Russian River in Sonoma County. It features a weekend of creativity, inspirational speakers, wellness, MTHR Market, farm-to-table meals and more.

Connecting with so many positive and empowered women further enforces what we do here at Lacson Ravello. I am so grateful for this community!⁠

MTHR Collective, MTHR Market, Danielle Kelley, Stacy Wichelhaus

MTHR Collective, MTHR Market, Christy Goldsby, Honey Mamas