Lacson Ravello: Fashioning Reality

By July 13, 2015December 20th, 2020Behind the Scenes, Brand Launch

Building the Lacson Ravello brand has been about strong craftsmanship and quality materials, combined with a modern and design-driven approach.

I’m so excited to introduce my new clothing line in a few short weeks, called Lacson Ravello. It has been a lifetime of dreaming, learning, and applying twenty plus years of fashion industry experience. After building prosperous and sustainable businesses for others companies (designing, strategizing, and increasing the bottom line), it was time to apply this knowledge to my own creation. The foundation has been there all along.

So what does a designer do for her own clothing line after years of designing for other brands? I reflected back on the things that were really important to me – a thoughtful creative process, quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, superb fit, and effortless style. These are the essentials building blocks for creating an eye-catching and successful clothing brand.

For me this fashion experience has been a journey with all of life’s bumpy roads, smooth sailing, peaks, and valleys. I owe a huge “thank you” to my friends and family who have encouraged, supported, and helped me over the years, especially to my husband John. I know this new adventure is going to be exciting and I’m thrilled you’re joining me for the ride!

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